Category Omnitrix X Omnitrix X: Digital Overwrite
Species Name Chaleja Chaleja
Home Planet Ninté Kylmyys Ninté Kylmyys
First Appearance "War of a World"
(Season 2 Episode)
"Return of Master Inn
(Season 4 Episode)
Appearance See Below. See Below.
Abilities See Below. See Below.
Registered in Omnitrix? Registered in Omnitrix Xs when discovered. Re-Registered in Omnitrix X's when data re-given.
Notable Chaleja Jitzu, Master Inn Jitzu, Master Inn, Heath

Jitzu is an Alien in Omnitrix X, it's Movie, Luke: Alien Legend and other fanon. It was originally created for Omnitrix X by Digital Tamer.

Species and Home PlanetEdit

Jitzu lives on the other side of Big Chill's home planet, Kylmyys (Known as Ninté (Combination of French words for Ninja and Side). His species is known as Chaleja (Combination of French words for Heat and Ninja) and are the Rivals of Big Chill's Species. Whilst Big Chill's side of the planet is as if it's in it's Ice Age Period forever, being made out of Ice and Metal, Jitzu's is Volcanic and consists of Magma, Earth and Rock. Unlike Big Chill's Species, Jitzu's are not Asexual. They cannot reproduce, new Chaleja's are born as Spirits and grow into full grown Chalejas at the age of 13.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Jitzu has only a few abilities and powers. Of which are:

  • Heat Manipulation
  • Ninja Skills
  • Flame Shurikens (Able to produce Shurikens made of Fire or Shurikens on Fire.)


Being the rival of Big Chill's species, Jitzu looks just like Big Chill except his coat is Orange instead of Blue and it dosent come out as wings. His face is hidden by black.


Jitzu's species and Big Chill's species are long time rivals and live on the same planet.

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