Fire Edit

My name is Aidan Nelson. I am finally a 13 year old male of the year 4592. My 13th birthday just passed and I'm celebrating with my family. Sophie- Ann, and Natalie, my two sisters, Liam, my brother, and My mom and dad. This would have been the best birthday ever, but my cheap parents kinda ruined it. All they could afford for me to get was a crappy watch that doesn't even tell time. Everyone else got me some actually good gifts. My brother gave me his "hand-me-down" hoverboard 3.5 (as if I don't know he got the 4.0 for his birthday), my sister Natalie got me an android puppy, the K91. And my other sister, Sophie- Ann got me a new Plumber's edition face change mask. Even my friends got me a better gift than my parents! My girlfriend, Taylor got me a ring that shoots lasers from the diamond on top, my friend John Dalto got me a Zsphere with a free light-year of Zsphere live! And what's worse, I only made a million dollars and change in total birthday cash! I know right? All the other kids get billions of zillions of dollars for their birthdays, and this is what I get? What-evs, I have to get back to the media room, My dad is calling me.

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