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Xaxon as Hurl

Hurl is Xaxon's Gourmand (a species from the planet Peptos XI) form, just as Upchuck is Ben's Gourmand form. He appears as a green hippopotamus-like creature which stands upright. He is around a foot taller than Upchuck, because the source of Hurl's DNA was bigger than most Gourmands. There is a red bar across his chest, just below his neck, that connects two red sleeves on each arm. On each shoulder is a small white dot. He has two white gloves that run up to his elbows. On the back of each palm is a red, oval-shaped pad. He also has two white boots that reach up to his knees. Near the top of each boot is a red oval. He appears to wear a pair of red pants. The center of the front is flat, but eventually goes straight up, then diagonally onto his sides. However, of course, these aren't real pants, gloves, boots, etc., only markngs on the body. The back of these false pants actually reach up and connect to his sleeves. He has an exposed stomach which appears to have some sort of dark green material floating in it. His head is very large and thick and is vaguely shaped like a kidney bean. He has three oval-shaped growths on each side of the back of his head. His Protomnitrix Symbol is on his stomach, on the line of his 'pants.'


Hurl can extend his four adhesive tongues and grab objects of almost any weight. He can then pull the object into his mouth and swallow it. In his stomachs, the powerful corrosive acids dissolve the object and convert it into orbs of liquid energy. He can expel these at will. Due to his weight and above average height, he can create small tremors.


  • The names Upchuck and Hurl are both synonyms for vomiting.

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