Hugalion Hugalion is a Zenous all though huge in size he is faster than a Kinceleran also just as big as a To'Kustar(Way Big).The most famous of all Zenouses is Kenohilia he was able to fight a Hybrid(not Highbreed but a lower species of them)and live him,Eon X,Eon X jr and Eon II are the only species to face and still live against these creatures in literal terms the Highbreed consider them lower creatures but these lower creatures could defeat any Highbreed.Zeonoes is the home planet of these beasts also home to the Ferion and Gerition.Hugalion is the only alien that Eon X used only 2:in battle with a Hybrid.The sad reality is Eon X died using him Hugalion has a sad effect if used to frequently the user dies of exhaustion and of the differences in atmosphere for the Zenous. For Eon X jr and Eon II they never used Hugalion they were too afraid of the risk.Eon Z was able to disband from the effect by reprogaming the Omnitris 2.0 giving him access to 50 more aliens. The final descendant of Eon X,Zeon was able to use the Omnitrix 2.0 to destroy every Hybrid also destroying himself giving birth to a new era for the Chronian Bs they had no king and ellected Kane a blind Chronian with deadly accurate aim.

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