As a fleet of small dog like aliens head for Earth, the plumbers figure out that Earth could be destroyed in an upcomming battle. The dog aliens arrive and command owner ship of the planet. Ben, comes in as Swampfire and drives them back. This however was just an excuse so the Highbreed could come to earth. No one but the plumbers knew. At school everyone was talking about how Swampfire drove the aliens off. Ben goes around bragging that he knows Swampfire but they ignore him. The Highbreed appears at Ben's School. They attack with the DNALIENS. Ben transforms into Jetray. He sees that the Highbreed is about to attack Jenny. He rushes to rescue her. After that he uses his lasers to start a fire. The Aliens hated it and retreated. Ben flies off afterwords due to the Omnitrix Time Limit. It took a while to fix the school so Ben just chilled. Ben 10 episode 3





Alien HeroesEdit






Dog Aliens

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