The Hero MatrixEdit

The Hero Matrix is a device that fuses with the Omnitrix.When it fuses with the Omnitrix on the face place there will appear a large letter "H",it is lined with green, the right bar of the "H" is black, the left bar of the "H" is white, and the middle bar of the "H" is grey.

When fused with the Omnitrix Armor on the chest, back, and both shoulders, and as well as the palm, and back of the hands, and the knees will appear the large letter "H", that is lined in green, the middle bar of the "H" is grey, the left bar of the "H" is white, and the right bar of the "H" is black.

It is a very powerful device that enhances any trixes powers.It can also mix any of the nearly-unlimited number of aliens d.n.a.s and make new species.

Current owner:Blaze "The Fire Wolf" WolfChampion

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The current owner of The Hero Matrix Blaze "The Fire Wolf" WolfChampion uses The Hero Matrix in cojunction with the Omnitrix Armor which increases their powers by combining them and giving them additional and enhanced powers.

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