Hardwood is a plant alien in Ben10:Watch Power and is one of Ben's 15 strongest aliens (out of all 1,000,908 in the Omnitrix database).


  • Super strength
  • Near invulnerability
  • Limited shapeshifting
  • Regeneration
  • Plant control
  • Can absorb water to grow larger and stronger (because he has a hydrostatic skeleton)
  • Able to grow a coating of virtually indestructible wood armor (harder than Ultimate Swampfire's petrified wood armor and Diamondhead's crystals)


Tall and rooty with two piercing green eyes, Hardwood has a mostly dark brown body with bright green muscle-like vines and bright blue water sacs scattered across his body.

First Appearance:

Ben first used Hardwood in Episode 1 of Ben Watch Power to battle the alternate universe Ben and his minions to rescue Argit.

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