The NinjaKlan start thier plans for world domniation by Createing a portal into the Shadow World, where a sleeping beast lies. But before they can Controll the beast, It Awakens and threatins to distroy the whole world if it isn't stoped. Meanwhille AlphaRay notices the odd changes and tries to discover what in the world is going on. Untill he finds 0 the GodKing of Melee, And as the two battle, Who relly is on the side of evil, or good?



  • Heatblast

  • Jaws


Powers: Can talk, swim over 400 mph, control sea animals and can shoot water from his mouth that hurts REALLY bad.

Weakness: The Ripjaws effect if on land for to long.

Appearance: Looks like an Earth shark, 4 rows of razor sharp teeth, very big jaw, very large, black and white skin with blood red stripes on his back, large green eyes and the Alphatrix symbol on his dorsal fin.





Great, just Great, so now i have to deal with team looser too- AlphaRay

It's team Glatic or NinjaKlan! Why does everybody call us loosers?- Some worker

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