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Glassblower is Xaxon's Glaesgalian (a species from the planet Aramentus) form. He appears as a being of sand, a humanoid upper body that melts into a mound of sand. He has completely green, almond-shaped eyes which have very thick, black borders. His 'hair' is very messy and spikey, but to a realistic degree. His Protomnitrix Symbol is on his forehead, just above his left eye.

Glassblower, along with Eternal, Transtrain, and Zombite, is one of Xaxon's most preferred forms.


Glassblower, like the Harenians on his planet, is composed entirely of a seemingly limitless amount of sand, and is completely amorphous. He can form weapons from his body, and even complex shapes and machines. However, the Glaesgalians' most outstanding feature is the fact that they can change their body into a material visually similar to glass but with the physical properties of the fictional element Adamantium to make themselves more durable and solid. When this is done, an eerie red light glows between grains of sand and the body glasses over. The species dubbed the material Glaesgalium, and it is quite naturally abundant on the planet. In this state, Glassblower is no less amorphous than his sand state, and can still freely change form.


  • Gaara of Naruto inspired the look of the character.

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