This Trix was made by the Transylian Dr.Victor, and given to ahuman to by his loyalty. The human would then report on the actvities of the Tennyson's. However, the human (Jim Locke) stole the fusion trix and is using it as his own to help his small community, which recently invaded by a parasitic water alien, the first in a 5 part plan to bring Ghostfrek back to dominate the whole galaxy. Albedo is somehow involved in the plot. Also, all fused aliens have the abilities of both normal non-fused aliens.--Anur 20:10, 9 April 2009 (UTC)

Aliens seen/used:

BlackFire: Heatblast plus Benmummy CrystalWolf: Benwolf plus Diamondhead DogBall: Cannonbolt plus Wildmutt DogWood: Wildmutt plus Wildvine ElectiBall: BenVicktor plus Cannonbolt File:EltriBall.pdf GhostBlast: Ghostfreak plus Heatblast GhostGrade: Ghostfreak plus Upgrade GhostPlant: Ghostfreak plus Wildvine GhostShock: BenVicktor plus Ghostfreak GhostWolf: Ghostfreak plus BenWolf HeatGrade: Heatblast plus Upgrade MetalWolf: BenVicktor plus BenWolf MetalChuck: BenVicktor plus Upchuck MetalPlant: BenVicktor plus Wildvine MetalWarp:BenVicktor plus BenMummy MummyBall: BenMummy plus Cannnonbolt MumyMutt: BenMummy plus Wildmutt PaperPlant: BenMummy plus Wildvine Pharoh: BenMummy plus Fourarms RedCrystal: Diamondhead plus Fourarms RollerGator: Cannonbolt plus BenWolf RollerGhost: Cannonbolt plus Ghostfreak RollerVine: Cannonbolt plus wildvine UpBall: Upchuck plus Cannonbolt UpDiamond: Upchuck plus Diamondhead UpGhost: Upchuck plus Ghostfreak UpHeat: Upchuck plus Heatblast UpMummy: Upchuck plus BenMummy UpWolf: Upchuck plus BenWolf WildLightning: Wildvine plus Benvicktor File:WildLightning.pdf WildWolf: Wildvine plus BenWolf WolfMummy: BenWolf plus BenMummy XrlWolf: Xrl8 plus BenWolf--Anur 20:12, 9 April 2009 (UTC)

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