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Fowul is Xaxon's Lepidopterran Parakruth (a species from the planet Lepidopterra) form. He appears as a very large green bird, similar to a parrot. However, there are quite a few glaring differences between the two. For one, there are no eyes on his head. Instead, they sprout from stalks on its shoulders. As well, his wings look much more similar to insect wings, and his skin is covered in scales, rather than feathers. His chest and stomach are pale yellowish green with many red stripes running vertically along them. There are mandibles on each side of his beak. There is a long extension over his beak, similar to the bill of a baseball cap. From this extension up, the head is rather smooth and dome-like. His Protomnitrix Symbol is on his head, just above the bill extension.


As a Lepidopterran Parakruth, Fowul can form orbs of slime in his hands. These orbs are thrown as projectiles. The same slime can be fired from its beak. What is special about this slime is that it is highly combustible. Luckily, Fowul can also release a concussive blast of heated air from his beak. This blast makes a sound similar to a screeching bird.


  • Parakruth is a play on parakeet, a bird (referring to his appearance), and Ruth, as in Babe Ruth (a reference to its baseball throwing style and chest pattern).

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