A fire is burning down three buildings. Ben runs over and transforms into Big Chill. He puts the fire out and saves the people inside. The press ask hundreds of questions. The Omnitrix is about to time out so he flies off. At home he falls asleep easily. In the morning he realizes he is late for school. He gets ready and is about to transform into Jetray but sees the sky is pitch black. He sees his friend Jenny and ask her whats going on. She doesn't know and wants to go with Ben to find out. He tells her that he is doing very hard work. She decides not to go. At home Grandpa tells Ben to go to a forever knight hide out. He goes and when he is there he transforms into Spidermonkey. He sneaks around. A bunch of forever nights walk around. He sees a beam that is projecting darkness into the sky. The don't want other planets seeing them destroy Earth. The Omnitrix times out and Ben runs faster than a cheetah. About 15 minutes later the Omnitrix is fully recharged and Ben uses Humungasaur. He knocks the forever knights into the beam and it is destroyed. Earth sees day again. Ben 10 episode 2





Alien HeroesEdit

Big Chill





Forever Knights

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