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Firedamp is Xaxon's Methanosian (a species from the planet Methanos) form, just as Swampfire is Ben's Methanosian form. He appears as a humanoid creature covered in green bark. He has a few black patches between his toes, on his shoulders and sides, on his neck, and on his abdomen, forming an X-shaped patch of bark. His feet are mainly green bark with black spots separating his toes. He has black circles on his hands. He has three red spikes sticking out of each shoulder and five green ones sticking out of each of his forearms. His head is shaped like a black upside-down-raindrop with a flame pattern around it. His Protomnitrix Symbol is on the center of the X-shaped bark on his chest.


As a Methanosian, Firedamp can shoot flames from his hands, shoot plant-controlling gas from his hands, use super-strength, and regenerate himself. He will often use his chlorokinesis to form a tornado of plants, then set the whirling mass of plants ablaze, creating a flaming typhoon.


  • Firedamp is another word for methane gas, which is apparently the gas Swampfire emits to create his fire. So, it has double usage: it has the word fire in it and it's methane.

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