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Eternal is Xaxon's Chronian (an extinct species from the fallen planet of Chronia) form, just as Eon is Ben's Chronian form. The DNA for this form came from a Chronian who, by some accident, walked with a limp. He appears as an adult male with a black trenchcoat, black combat boots, black gloves, black vambraces with purple lines adorning them, and a black long-sleeved shirt all fused to his skin. He wears a black helmet with a clear visor showing his humanoid face and covered in glowing purple lines. This helmet is also fused to his skin. To reach the Protomnitrix Symbol on Eternal, Xaxon must pull back the side of the trenchcoat to reveal his hip.

Eternal, along with Transtrain, Zombite, and Glassblower, is one of Xaxon's most preferred forms, a stark contrast to the fans' receival of Eon.


Eternal, like Eon, can manipulate time, fire purple energy, adjust people's ages, use energy to control mechanical objects, create illusions, teleport, and use highly above average strength and durability. He can also make small energy projections, most commonly a cane to aide him in walking, since in this form, he walks with a limp.


  • The writer made Eternal's clothing part of his body to make him seem more alien-like, since, rather than being some sort of baffling CGI alien in Race Against Time, Eon was merely a man in a trenchcoat.

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