Eon X is a Chronian B from Chronia B(after destruction Chronia X)Eon X is actually a very powerful character due to his brother Ion creating the Omnitrix 2.0 it contains only 50 aliens it is a weaker version of the original Omnitrix but has aliens stronger than the original a great example Hugalion an alien similar to Way Big and XLR8.Eon X has quite that history in battle with him. History Eon X was set to be prince of Chronia B ironically before Chronia B was destroyed the Chronian Xs attacked the planet.Eon X's father Aon was trying to teach him how to fight when Aon discovered Eon X had the Hidden Chronian power giving him the energy to destroy the entire species except for his new enemy Isies a Chronian X vampire. Enemies Eon X has made more enemies than Ben 10 has fought. His worst of all enemies was Ben once but after Ben helped Eon fight Ion and Aon they teamed up. Here is a list of all his enemies. 1.Isies 2.Aon 3.Aon X(third son of Aon,following Eon X and Ion. 4.Ion 5.Ben(before Ion and Aon attacked) 6.Eon 7.Eon X jr 8.Animo(not Ben 10 Animo but more of a giant cell) 9.All Chronian Xs 10.Sixsix 11.Volkanus 12.Ken 10 13.Feon(fought without knowing she was his mom) 14.Ion X 15.Aeon 16.Bio-Aon(chemical mutation)

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