Diamond Mutt

Diamond Mutt

Diamond Mutt is a Petromancer frm the planet Petrovulpin.


Diamond Mutt looks like Wildmutt. The only difference is that now he is completely made of a light orange crystal material. Also, he now wears pants with the omnitrix symbol as a belt buckle.


Petromancers can run very fast. They possess incredible athletic ability and heightened sense of smell, hearing, and taste (but no sight). The quills on their backs can pick up the slightest movement. They pick up air flow, heat source, etc. The quills are even said to be able to pick up fear. They also possess the ability to shoot their quills off like projectiles. Petromancers are virtually invulnerable to most physical attacks. Their diamond-hard bodies that can be regenerated. They are able to alter their bodies into crude tools, such as blades. Petromancers also have other diamond-based powers: shooting diamond shards, being able to cut through most materials, and causing large, almost mountainous formations of diamond.Also as they shoot crystals they are also able to control them. Living prisms, Petromancers can refract light and beam-based weaponry, channeling them through their bodies and projecting them back at their source.


their weaknesses are:

  • Use their own unique language
  • Vulnurable to strong smells and loud noises
  • High-pitched sound waves

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