Dan 10

Dan 10 is the worst enemy of Len 10 who is not alien. Not really he is more of a pest. Dan tries to outdo Len at everything. His full name is Daniel Hive. He has a devices called the Omnitrix2, but he calls it the Optitrix. He stole this device from the Fellowship of the Omnitrix.


Dan 10 is 13 years old. He has blond hair which he dyes every now and again to keep his artifical red blond hair. His 'Optitrix' glows yellow. He usually wears orange loafers and a pair of '80 glasses. He never wears the same thing twice.


Dan is loud, blunt, and boastful. His favorite thing to do, other than bother Len, is look in a mirror. He is not beneath stealing something he wants.


The 'Optitrix' can only hold 5 aliens at a time, making Dan's name totally false. If he 'bags', as he calls it, another alien, he loses one of his older aliens. He is also very unoriginal in naming aliens.






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