Here are all the creatures aviable to the user of this trix. The user wishes to control all Trixes and his first target is Vildus. --Anur Lord 2 21:10, 9 July 2009 (UTC)

  1. Afanc: A 10 foot tall, 10 foot wide blue carnivorous beaver
  2. Goat Sucker: A large creature, that sucks the blood of any qudrapedal (four legged animal)(Not used much)
  3. Ice Moth: The same species as Big Chill
  4. Hooter: A large black creature. It has a man's body, an owl's haed and wings (no arms) and talons. It has glowing red eyes, and flies faster thatn XLR8 can run. Eats Big Chill's species. Second most used form.
  5. Fearlook: an alien like Phobos
  6. Creeper: A creature exacly identical to movie monster Jeepers Creepers
  7. Wend-Igo: A creature that has long white shaggy fur. It has a never ending appetite. The creature has five foot long claws on bot hands and feet. It has pure red eye and a sonic howl twice as powerful as Benwolf's. It can increase or decrease it's size at will. Most used alien.
  8. Drainer: a creature that drain anything but a trix of all it's energy, leaving weak and unable to fight. 3rd most used form.
  9. Fenrir: A 50 foot tall wolf, it dwarfs Way Big. Consumes black holes. Only one in existence (the original animal has since died)
  10. Midpent: A large creature similar to the Midgard Serpent of Norse Mythology.
  11. Jervil: A creature similar to the legendary Jersey Devil.

Current Events Edit

The owner of the Cryptrix, Anubis, who is wearing a long black robe (which has a hood and a veil that hides his face)(his species is currently unknown ), has just entered the orbit of Vildus's home planet, and has begun scanning for signs of the Demontrix. Anubis begins to admire his stuff and mounted head of each of the original 10 aliens Ben had in Alien Force and the original series. (Note: Anudis kiled each creature on his own). Vladis not Vildus (mad at spelling mistake) here. I have edited myself out here, so wait til a compromise is sorted out here.--Vladis Galaksias 04:01, 9 August 2009 (UTC) P.S. Way Big is 100 feet tall, so he dwarfs your little wolf

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