Conifer Edit

Conifer is a plant like alien in the Omixatrix. Later on in Rick 10 Alien Squad, he is replaced by Radiation.


Appearance Edit

Conifer has the appearance of just that, a giant walking plant. He has two hands and feet all of which in four claw. He has a crop of pine needles for a head and has the faintest outline around his face. He also has pinecones hanging from his head, serving as forcible defense.

Abilities Edit

Conifer is extremely strong and can lift more than fifty times his own body weight. He has the ability to use his pinecones as bombs dispatching them with an array of chemicals inside. He can root himself into the ground, like a tree and also is immune to the cold.

Weakness Edit

He, unlike Florauna and most plant species, can survive in the cold. However he can be cut open with wood cutting utensils such as saws and other blades. These seem to be the only thing that can hut him since he is immune to any other things, such as poison.

Planet Edit

Conifer comes from the steady climated world of Conera. He is a Conifera, specifically Evergreian, one of the many species on the planet. Others include Firauna, Spruosians, and many more. Conifera is actually the term for different species all classed in one class. Conifera are the oldest living plant species in the universe. The Conifera are peaceful races, who have had no wars with anyone. They don’t have any technology as it would destroy the great forests of Conera. They seem to have a physic bond with planets, feeling the planets pain in having forests cut down, wars, and things that destroy planets for the most part; therefore they remain on the side of their “Mother Nature” instead of ruling with other species. Conifera can also shoot deadly pine projectiles that has not been exhibited or shown to be possessed by Conifer. Conera is a beautiful planet with many lush, green forests, and a great scenic view.


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