Con 10Edit

Con 10 is a 12 year old boy who is the owner of the Exitrix. His full name is Connor Infinis. He discovered the Exitrx one day while hiking in the forest around his town, where an alien ship supposedly crashed 50 years earlier. Now he uses it for fun and for protecting his hometown, and the world.


Con appears to be a normal 12 year old boy. He has black hair and wears a whte shirt. His grades are less than great, C+, and really woudn't seem that clever. Although he's not very smart in school, when it comes to being an alien fighting hero, he's pretty bright. He's sometimes sarcastic and can have a short tempr, but when it comes down to it, he's nice and always helps those in need.


The Exitrix is a prototype Omnitrix, the most recent model before the current one. It glows white instead of green.


Original 10Edit

Additional Aliens Edit

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