Chill 20,000 he is almost like Ben 10 but a little better his powers allow him to run,hear,see,and smell better than a normal

person and its all because of the (Decsotrix) when Azmuth said there was only one Omnitrix he lied there were more than five of them(Mixotrix) and (Shiftotrix) and (Demotrix) and (Nightotrix) and the (Startrix) each of them more powerfull than the other Ben's (Omnitrix) was the first Chill's (Decsotrix) was the second so with change of technology Chill's was better than Ben's. Chill's life was hard his dad died when chill was 13 and has been hard ever since until he met Ben and Gwen Tennyson and Keven Levin Chill did like Gwen a little and Keven got jellous so him and Chill would get into fight's with each other over Gwen ha well anywas Chill met Ben and Gwen,Keven on a misson when Chill was trying to fight the Foreverknight's by himself Ben saved Chill and told him how dum that was for him to do that alone and Chill told him the Foreverknight's killed his dad and to stay out of his way next time Ben didn't mind that Chill just yelled at him because he know's what its like to loose a love'd one so Ben thought they had something in common after Chill said that in his face so him and Chill became good friend's and hanged out a lot watch movie--s and playing games and thats the story.

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