Ben walks around town looking for a place to eat. A guy push past him angerly. Ben follows him to figure out the problem. He catches up with the guy and he reveals his name. CHAD. Chad had a mystery watch on his arm. Similar to Ben's Omnitrix. Ben ask him about it revealing his. The two start bonding. Later Chad has temporarily been placed in his school. They hang out at school a lot. Jenny doesn't like it though. Mysterious robots start appearing at school. They both run into hiding. Ben uses Big Chill and Chad uses Fourarms. They defeat the drones only to have Vilgax appear. They fight him off for a while but Chad's Omnitrix times out. Ben's times out shortly after. Vilgax is about to finish them when grandpa comes. Chad leaves his temporary position at school. Jenny is really happy. The next day Grandpa shows Ben all of the stuff he had when he had fought Vilgax. Ben is amazed. His Omnitrix starts beeping and he receives a holographic message from Chad. He says hi and that he is tracking down Vilgax. Ben 10 episode 4






Alien HeroesEdit

Big Chill




Vilgax drones

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