Nobody knows how to classify Cernu besides a monster with a bad attitude. It stands eight feet tall has massive arms and legs, and the legs ended in goatlike hooves. A gigantic rack of six-pointed curled out of is skull, adding at least an extra five feet to his height. His skin is covered in hair, randomly matching the pelt pattern of different creatures across differing parts of his body. He wields a six-foot club made from the jawbone of a sarcosuchus, or supercroc. The way he speaks, the person, or people, hears it speak in the language of their youth. His face... well, most of it is this enormous mouth, filled with sharp teeth and three tongues that are patterned like Ghostfreak's tentacles. The mouth opens diagonally, but when it closes, the only evidence that there is a mouth is this long, almost invisable line. His eyes, one is on one side of his mouth, one on the other. He is overall, ugly. He's a Arken

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