A Celesitial Sapien is an Alien species that lives outside of the universe in a place called the Forge of Creation. The Forge of Creation is where all of realtiy and life began. These species can warp reatlity. Matt Jackson is a Celestial Sapien descendant. He exhibits not much of his powers. Celestial Sapiens have 3 personalities that control them and 2 of them have to agree on what they have to do. This proves to be a great weakness since Celesitial Sapiens have to spend there eternal lives debating on what to do. Since Matt is half human, he does not have these personalities making him very powerful if he masters his abilities. Celestial Sapiens have been curesed with 3 different personalities because if an evil Celesitial Sapien destroys all of creation; it cannot be good. Matt has a destiny to master his powers and free Celesitial Sapien from this curse but has to make them promise to be good. Matt has shown to use the Potis Altiare Ultimatrix (Ultimatrix Z) to amp up his human form to use his Celesitial Sapien ablities fully and more developed, but later comes when he masters his form by himself.

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