Episode 1:

The Sabretrix's Beginning

Ten years after the events of Ben 10:Ultimate Alien,on Ben and Gwen's Birthday,Azmuth deactivates the Ultimatrix as a "present".Ben asks why did he do that.Azmuth says its a suprise.He hands Ben the all new Sabretrix and gave Gwen a new spellbook.After the party,Vilgax's son,Vilmator attacks them.Gwen tries her new spells to combine with her Anodite powers,while Ben transforms into Toothanator to attack Vilmator.Vilmator is defeated,but said that there will be revenge.

Episode 2:

Clean Teeth

Ben tries to test Toothanator's powers on Gwen.While training,Vilmator appears and attacked them.Toothanator discovered that Vilmator has new powers.Ben turns into Ultimate Toothanator,thinking about his old Ultimatrix.Vilmator escapes,and blasted Ben with a laser.He dodged the laser.When Ben is about to brush his teeth,(still in Toothanator's form)he relises that he teeth are clean.

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