At school, Ben heads to Music class. He walks in and sits next to Jenny. They talk and then the teacher comes in. He is very tall. He tells the class to listen to his new CD, VILGAX ATTACK. Ben nearly jumped when he heard that. He plays it and Vilgax comes out. The class runs. Ben runs in a small closet and transforms into Goop. He gets out and attacks Vilgax. He captures him and buts him back in the Null Void. Goop transforms back. The class continues. After school Ben and Jenny get some lunch. Afterwards Ben tells Grandpa about Vilgax. Apparently many people have bought VILGAX ATTACK. The listeners were summoned into a small area. Ben goes as Brainstorm. He sees the minions trying to plug the giant stereo. He electrucutes them. They throw random things at him. He dodges and uses his Brain Power to use telekenisis. It throws the items back. He then unplugs the giant stereo. He blows it up along with the CDs. Ben 10 episode 8





Music Teacher







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