A car is speeding by. Ben sees it and turns into Big Chill. He chases it down. He stops it but then attacks the people inside. The next day he wakes up with no memory of last night. On the news it said Big Chill has gone mad. He gasp and then realizes he is late for school. Ben transforms into Jetray but Jetray turns into Big Chill. He flies off. Ben regains control during the flight and manages to get to school. During school Jenny is concered about Big Chill. Ben is too. Through out the day he starts losing himself. Big Chill starts controlling him. After school he has Big Chill's Left Eye, Top Wings and Right Foot. To complete it he must transform with the Omnitrix. He is about to but Jenny stops him. He then loses control again and transforms. He controls himself during transformation and tries to stop it. The Omnitrix makes weird noises while going through his current aliens. He faints. When he regains conciencesness he is Ben. Jenny is with him. He tries to fly her home as Jetray. Jetray wasn't on the Omnitrix. Neither were Chromastone, Goop, Swampfire, Echo Echo, and Brainstorm. Ben must try to get them back. Ben 10 episode 14





Big Chill




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