The Betatrix is a prototype of the Omnitrix. Azmuth used it to see how the Omnitrix would at first work. Due to its many glitches, Azmuth shut it down and tossed it into his junk pile. Later, Azmuth's nephew, Nalvic, found interest in the device. Azmuth thought no harm would come of this and handed over the Betatrix. While in his workshop, Nalvic began to tinker with the strange device. Nalvic accidentally rebooted the Betatrix.From there on he worked day in and day out to get rid of the glitches. Afterwards, with the help of a Galvanic Mechomorph, Nalvic traveled to worlds and universes that his uncle Azmuth has never heard of in order to collect unique alien DNA.

Years prior to the events of the original Ben 10 series, Nalvic had the Betatrix stored in a Plumber base on Earth. Two years after the end of the original series, the Betatrix was discovered by a 12 year old boy named Jonny.

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