My personal favorite, and one of the most commonly used alien forms, also in Nano design center


Fourarms, another one of Ben's earlier aliens. Thomas is currently working on evolving Ben from dependance on brute strengh


One of Ben's aliens throughout the universes at the start, he also is one of the nanos in the Nano Design Center

10 year old Ben and Gwen, their worlds only surviving heroes

It's Hero Time!!

New enemies ( Dr. Doofemsmirtz, Galbatorix, General Grievous)
Krspace Ben fanon mystery girl

Ben's girlfriend. Who she is, read the story to find out

Ben Vs Valdimort, Ben vs Sidious, Ben vs Kevin, Ben vs Vilgax vs evil version of Ben

Hundreds of enemies, heartless, alien, robot, Doofemsmirtz
Seras Victoria

Seras Victoria, one of the heroes Ben meets in the Krspace fanfiction, Ben trusts her despite that she is a vampire


Omi, one of Ben's friends but also his friendly rival


Waspinator, one of the decipticons and the one who destroyed the land of aliens, the homeworld of Ben and Gwen; despite this he is quite incompitent

New Rival Omi

New Friends ( Seras Victoria, Zack Saturday, Jade Chan)

And a new girlfriend( Na, I won't name her yet. Read the stories to find out)

Meets AF ben, body swap, vacation in Jurassic Park, Infiltrate the KND
Comment on discussion please.
Jade Chan

Jade, Omi's girlfriend. She is the rival to Ben's girlfriend as Omi is to Ben, but they generally get along to a new Ben world!!!

But it also means worlds

Travel to two other Ben realms

In one beware the organization 13 reborn, as organization 13V with Ben as one of the heroes fighting against them, and Vexiken, the nobody of Kevin at age 11

In another Ben at age to is one of the core fusion fighters alo

Spidermonkey is one of the new 9 aliens Ben obtains during 10 new keys, also a nano design center alien

ngside others like Gwen, Aqua, Seras and Dani

Two other OC's from another author with the omnittix, both usually stupider then Ben

All The original aliens ( so far excluding Eon)

All the Alien Force aliens except Lodestar and Alien X

Are featured at least once

Evil versions used by opposite Ben in Chapter 5 of Return of Zak Monday

Quad Arms, Frost Phantom, Fire Fiend, Puke Cannon, Fly-phibian, Black hole

Evil Fourarms, Big Chill, Heatblast, Upchuck, Jetray and Alien X ( but that doesn't count)

Now some quotes from Ben ( Still, if you want to know who his girlfriend is go read my stories)

End of first chapter Garfield and Land of aliens

“ Come on dorks a lot, you should be putting whatever you call that lump in your head to work” Gwen cheered him in a cousiny way.

“ But all is lost”

“ Ben, Thomas told us if we help stop them, then some will return. Even that cheese head Omi is happy, ish again”. Seeing that wasn’t working, she slapped him hard.

“ Gwen, thanks” Ben said surprisingly perked up.

“ Don’t mention it”

From Dos Suite Bens Chapter 1

“ Ben boy vs Ben teen, this is good, good thing I brought the movie recorder pheria march 43, what I use Inator a lot” Doofemsmirtz remarked to himself.” Who are you” Teen Ben said struggling as Brainstorm as Cannonbolt grounded the electricity and sent him into the rocks.

“ Who are you, defending Kevin” Ben kid remarked going Diamondhead and shooting crystal shards into Ben teen, knocking him back into regular Ben.

“ What, your me” Ben said shocked turning back

From Montrix's and Franks Chapter 1

“ Ugh, my head” Ben said getting up. But his hands, they weren’t his. This skin was different, actually feminine. Then he saw his body, and screamed.

In the future, Ben and his big girlfriend/ future wife have a son Ken

Worlds Ben has Visited other than the land of aliens

Greenia ( OC world)

Isla Nublar (Jurassic Park)

Camp Kindey ( Camp Lazlo)

Nick mixed world ( Older/ cancelled Nicktoons)

Draculania ( Hellsing)

Vampiric Woods ( Twilight)

Sea World

Web land ( I Carly)

City Zoo ( Penguiins of Madagascar)

Marque Row ( Class of 3000)

Sector V ( Codename Kids Next Door)

Spagetti Junction ( Primeval)

Destiny islands ( Kingdom Hearts)

Alegesia ( Inheritance/ Eragon)

Star Wars Galaxy ( Star Wars)

Land of heroes ( Justice League)

Vampiric Woods ( Twilight)

Olympian Manhattan ( Percy Jackson)

Tiptonia (Suite life)

Bellwood ( Alternate AF timeline dimmension)

The future son of Ben and (Girlfriend, NOT A BEN 10 GIRL)

Note as of now, he is one. This is Ken

Sarah and James

Sarah and James, Two of Ben's friends. They came from 1781 so its taking them a while to get use to the new ways of the 21st century

The omnitrix

The infamous watch, used in 13V and 10 new keys, but X over Ben has the newer model

Dani Fenton and Phantom

Dani Phantom. One of Ben's later friends, in another tale she is among his core friends.

Ben and Kiki PKM card

Ben and a future team of his on top, and his girlfriend on the bottom.

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