The omnitrix Ben 10: Fusiontrix is a series about Ben and when he starts collecting Omnitrixes and stuff related to the Omnitrix and Azmuth trustes Ben to protect Azmuth's creations.

The Plot for the series is for Ben to find the final creation related to the Omnitrix, The Fusiontrix. He go's on quests to find it with Gwen and Kevin and he takes different Omnitrixes with him on every quest. He is always stoped by enimies such as Albedo and Vilgax.

The series has 19 episodes and the series finale episode is 2 hours long. The theme song/intro starts off with the collection of Omnitrixes and Ben right next to them. Then every alien pops out of them including Vilgax but with green eyes and the Omnitrix symbol on it's chest.Some Omnitixes include The Omnitrix 3.0 and the Ultimatrix. Kevin and Gwen are also in the theme song. The middle of the theme song is The Team looking up at Vilgax and Vilgax looking down at The Team. The end of the theme song is The team beating Vilgax and his son and getting the Fusiontrix.

The Fusiontrix is an Omnitrix that fuses aliens together and creates a new species. There are 21 Omnitrixes in all and one of them is the Potis Altiare which is the most powerful of all Omnitrixes.

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