Ben 10:Alien Force Returns is about Ben, Gwen and Kevin who return to fight again, with a new mission: To rescue Julie, who is captured by Zexonites.They are joined by Alan,the boy who can turn into a Pyronite.Gwen became evil forever.She now acts as a spy for the Zexonites,when she fakes to turn back to the light.


Julie:Ben? Ben:Julie? Julie:BEN! Ben:JULIE!NOOOOOOOOOOO! Ben and Julie,after Julie being captured.

Gwen:Ben,what do we do? Kevin:Wanna go out with me,Gwen? Ben:No,Kevin,she won't.Now quiet,the Omnitrix is trying to talk to me. Omnitrix:I suggest making a false Omnitrix,calling it the Fakenitrix? Alien Force:Yeah.Thats good enough to save Julie! Kevin:Thats my idea! Alien Force and the Omnitrix.

DarkGwen:The Zexonites will be proud of me,Ben.If I kill you,they will make me Queen DarkGwen! Ben:We'll see about that! DarkGwen:Bring it! Ben and DarkGwen,just before their big battle.

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