The new live action series of Ben 10. It uses Alien Force omnitrix and aliens.

Main CharactersEdit

Ben Tennyson/Ben 10-Main hero

Gwen Tennyson-cousin

Max Tennyson- Helper


Vilgax- Main Villain In Season 1

Highbreed- Main Villain In Season 4

Forever King- Main Villain In Season 3

Forever Knights- Warriors Mainly In Season 3

DNALIENS- Alien Slaves Mainly In Season 4

Vilgax Drones- Mainly In Season 1


Original 10

Swampfire- First appears in Highbreed Pains

Echo Echo- First appears in The Hero

Humongasaur- First appears in Forever Nights

Jetray- First appears in Highbreed Pains

Big Chill- First appears in Forever Nights

Chromastone- First appears in The Hero

Brainstorm- First appears in PAR!!

Spidermonkey- First appears in Forever Nights

Goop- First appears in Slimey Tales

Alien X- First appears in X Marks The Spot

Additional Aliens

Upchuck- Receives In What's Upchuckin

Highbreed- Receives In I Am The Highbreed

Eyeguy- Receives In Those Eyes Bug Me

Wildvine- Receives In Alien Duel: Ben and Chad


Season 1

The Hero

Forever Nights

Highbreed Pains

Chad Appears


Slimey Tales

Vilgax Vs. DNALIEN

Catchy Tunes


Truth Time

Project: Hero

What's Upchuckin

I Am The Highbreed

Season 2

Big Chill Is Bezerk

Ben Vs. Big Chill Vs. Echo Echo

To Have A Brainstorm

What Smells Like A Swamp

Hero Return

Those Eyes Bug Me

Tick Or Treat

The Hungry, The Aliens, And The Plumbers

Alien Duel: Ben And Chad

Look Under The Bridge


When In Doubt, Plant A Vine

Math Test



Movie Night

Season 3

The Forever King

I XL At This

X Marks The Spot

Dragon Lance


Training Grounds

Vilgax Is Back

Heat With A Blast

Merry Knightmas

School Group

Illness Is Here

Forever Dragon

Forever King Returns

Born To Be Wildmutt

Return The Omnitrix

Chad Gets Alienized

I Need An Upgrade

Forever Knights Vs. Vilgax Drones

The Super Alien Squad

The Fleet

Season 4

Forever Gone

DNALIEN Syndrome

Highbreed Base

Vilgax And Highbreed

Rip Those Jaws And Stink Those Flies

The Beach Party

Dr. Animo And Mutants


Highbreed Duels

Home Alone....For Now

Plumber Betrayal

You Look Like You Saw A Ghost

DNALIEN Underground

Christmas In July

Master Control

Reveal And Retire-Last Episode