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B-Zap is Xaxon's Megawhatt (a species from the Nosedeen Quasar) form, just as Buzzshock is Ben 10,000's Megawhatt form. He appears as a small little impish creature with black skin. He has round, golden eyes which flicker with electricity. His legs are two tiny cones jutting from his torso. His arms are short and stubby with two raised golden cylinders on each one. His black hands are small and clawed. His torso and back are mainly black, but there is a stripe of gold starting on its lower torso and ends on his middle back. His head is shaped like a large black cylinder that widens toward the top. Atop his head, there is a small gold dome. His Protomnitrix Symbol is on his right forearm.


As a Megawhatt, B-Zap can fly short distances, shoot electricity from his eyes, hands, and pretty much his whole body. Like others, he has disproportionate strength for his size. When he is somehow sliced in half, he multiplies.


  • His coloring is that of a Duracell battery.

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