One out of five Omnitrixes in Ryuki Tennos:Operation Z. The only user of it is Ami Katsuri.

Appearance  Edit

It has its own colour code.Pink means usable, Black means unusable, White means recharging, Purple means adding alien DNA, and Blue means scanning. Its strap is white, while its base is pink. It glows pink.

Uses Edit

    The following are Ami's Omnitrix' uses. They are:

  • Collecting data of aliens.The data is then stored in the GalactiPedia for usage.
  • Sensing an Alien Z Crystal.
  • Grabbing a crystal to access new aliens.
  • Healing people from an Alien Infection and using its Z-Charge to charge up other's Omnitrixes.
  • Even out of alien form, it emits a beam that hits other aliens. 
  • She can turn into an alien.
  • She also has the ability to talk with Omnitrix Aliens.

Aliens Edit

Original Aliens Edit



Additional Aliens Edit






Mega Z-Crystal Alien Edit


A Magistral who uses a mystical energy to fight.In battle, it is strong, but is better as a support role. It first appears in "Magical Mystery" when Ami sees the Mega Z-Crystal on a necklace.The necklace was actually from a Magistral.The necklace enhanced her powers,so she tranforms into her real form to fight with Ami.Ami wins,so she got the necklace.The Crystal was merged with the Omnitrix,giving her the ability to become Mystique.

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