after witnissing Ray almost kill The entire florminda population, Marc tries to uncover some of ray's secreats. This leads to AlphaRay's jurney through Mt.Cornet, where AlphaRay has some serious flashbacks about his huge mistake he made: his parents death.



  • Chamealiac

Chameliac is a chameleon alien, unlocked by ray like Birdbrain. He is a master of camouflage and even more. He can’t only copy the colour, but also the texture and advantages (and disadvantages) of every material he touches. He can also stick on walls and use his tongue as a whip.

  • Panther


powers: His powers include Kung fu mastery, can send out a very deadly claw strike that can kill if touches someone's head or torso, but paralise if touches anywhere else, can climb on walls, and he has the perfect blend of streanth (can lift ten times the wheght of a whale), speed (can run 200 hundred miles on foot, but 80 on all fours), intelegence (he has an IQ of 560), Stamina (he can do over a million push-ups without getting tired), and durblity (Can take on an army without getting hurt), .

apperence: he is a black/dark purple furred humanoid panther (he is 11 feet tall), has dark colored armor (the Alphatrix symbol is like a belt buckle), has a very long tail, which has a bandage on it, has sharp claws, golden yellow cat-like eyes, has bandages on his feet, and he also has pointed ears and very sharp fangs.

weekness his only is when he is on water, he sinks

  • Glop

Name: Glop.

Powers: can make his body into a powerful acid, can alip into any space, and can shape-shift.

Apperance: Ghost-like, has a large lump on his head, a mouth that looks like a pari of teeth, has claw-like hands, no legs (making him slither like a snake), has red eyes, green skin, and also has the alphatrix symbol on his forehead.

Weakness: to much hot air, and also sonic noises.



AlphaRay's Mom and Dad (flashblack)Marc

SkullBlack (flashback)


Prepare to die skull! - Ray

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