While Alan,Gwen and Kevin fight the Guards of the Zexonites,a Xenocyte attachs itself to Gwen's leg,forcing her to change sides,making her pink anodite powers to red.After,she defeated her former teamates.But before killing them,she was stopped by Ben,as a new alien,ToxicDump.The two engaged a battle,with DarkGwen,her new codename,being victorius.After Ben's defeat,his words to Gwen before being struck down were"Gwen,if you want to kill me,do it now.But if you do,I'll be in your mind,always.I'm still your cousin,and always will be,even if you kill me.Just kill me,now,you beat me.I'd never thought I'd say this,but,Gwen,your a better fighter than me."The message got through to Gwen's heart,about to be consumed by darkness."Ben?Ben,I'm so sorry!"Gwen's words to Ben started to make her cry.Gwen had been brought back to the light.But Gwen had once again became DarkGwen,after freeing her teamates.Alien Force had lost a member to evil.This time,DarkGwen could not be brought back to light.

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