Born on January 30,1997 Alex was born with many powers in San Diego California.He looks a lot like Ben 10 but with black hair and brown eyes.He has electrokineses aerokineses and more.He end up finding the Xopentrix in a meteor crater 2 days before Ben.In Alien Force Alex meets and easly becomes friends with Ben and Gwen who likes him and Kevin ahh he has a grudge on him.So later on he ends up having to battle a jealous Kevin.But because of Alex's powers and the Xopentrix Alex deafets Kevin with ease.Later on Alex becomes part of the trio in saving the world and is added to the circle of friends.Even though his family left him because of his ablities but he is a kind,and halarious boy.He is 2 years older than Ben and Gwen and a year older than Kevin.He loves spaggetti,pizza,and calzones.He has great personal higne compared to Ben in Ben 10.He seems to have a good sense of humor.Alex fights the DNAliens a lot and he also encounters Vilgax alot.

Full name:Alexander Thunder


Alex has ablities such as electrokineses pyrokinses aerokinses and more.He has the ablity to warp reality he posesses superhuman strength in excess of 100 tons superhuman senses such as eye sight hearing and smell.He also has superhuman speed: Warpspeed.Sound Minpulation.He can crawl on walls and able to go through walls.Because of his transformations he is part alien because of his DNA.He also has the healing factor like Wolverine.He also has Electra-sense like Spider-Mans but more sifisticated.Like Cooper he can control technology from level 1 to 10 human and alien tech.


Alex has a really good sense of humor,he is a lone wolf which makes him sort of non-social but when it comes to his friends like Daniel Hawkins,Ben 10 and Gwen he seems to be alot better.Sometimes when it comes to girls he can kinda be a show off.Kevin is his rival more of a friendly rivalry.

Forever Knights CommanderEdit

Once in his life Alex became a Forever Knights commander at the time of him going missing.They almost made them their leader.Sure he was young but he was really strong and Alex was a super-genius in chemistry,robotics,cloning and genetics.So he made a powerfull commander.He designed the dragon and lances and such.

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