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Xaxon as Ahknanrohken

Ahknanrohken is Xaxon's Thep Khufan (a species from the planet Anur Khufos) form. He appears as a towering humanoid mummy. He has a shell-like head with an Egyptian headress and a long false beard on his chin. On his headress there is something resembling a cobra adorning his forehead. He has very large black braces on his wrists and legs, each with three green, glowing stripes all around them. His eyes glow green as well. He also has a brown dress-like cloth wrapping around his lower body. There are gaps between the bandages on his torso, from under which an eerie green like shines. Around each shoulder is another of these glowing gaps. Both of his shoulders are black. His Protomnitrix Symbol is on the back of his left hand.


Because Ahknanrohken is comprised of bandage-like fiber constructs, he has a limited ability to reshape himself. He can stretch his arms, legs, torso, and neck to amazing extents, and can extend them even further by unraveling his bandages. He also has baffling regenerative abilities, able to reform himself from even the smallest shred of cloth. Despite his extrememly light weight, Ahknanrohken has super strength. By spinning his bandages, he can also create tornadoes. His chest cavity can be opened to use as storage, but he must remove whatever he is storing before changing into a different alien, or something very...bloody...can happen.


  • The name Akhnanrohken is a play on Akhnan, a sufficiently Egyptian-sounding bit of nonsense, and rockin', meaning cool.

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